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I am firmly committed to NMC’s value statement that learning “is the foundation upon which an enlightened citizenry and a dynamic community are built and is a lifelong process in which we are all engaged.”

I have served on the Board of Trustees since 2016 and am running in 2020 for a second term. I currently serve as Vice-Chairperson and am also a member of the presidential performance & compensation committee. In 2019, I served as one of the Trustee representatives on the presidential search committee that eventually led to the hiring of President Nick Nissley.

I was first introduced to the college as an adjunct instructor in the communications department in 2012 after several years as an instructor and administrator at Penn State University and Pepperdine University. Immediately, I knew NMC was a special place. My respect for the college has only grown since then. From educating our next generation workforce to rousing intellectual debate at International Affairs Forum lectures to exploring the universe at Rogers Observatory, NMC is rooted in the economic, social, and cultural health of our region.

As the Member Relations Manager at Cherryland Electric Cooperative, my job affords me the opportunity to work closely with the rural communities we serve. In order to grow, our commercial and industrial businesses need employees skilled in the trades that NMC teaches. And, many of the residential members we serve rely on affordable credential and degree programs to re-enter the workforce or advance their careers.

If re-elected, I will continue to focus organizational resources on helping students acquire the skills they will need to succeed in today’s fast-changing, global, and technological world.

I will prioritize industry collaboration and incubation activities that leverage local facilities, such as Munson, to create innovative, technology-driven programs that fill current gaps in our local workforce development.

I will work to keep tuition affordable for local families.

I will emphasize NMC’s vital role in both increasing diversity in our community and promoting a culture of diversity and understanding through our cradle to grave educational programs.

I look forward to continuing to serve on the NMC Board of Trustees.

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